For the past ten years, Shared Learning Projects (SLPs) have proved very popular with U3A members all over the UK.  They:-

  • are designed to reach out to the wider community and are often co-partnered with public bodies such as Museums, Churches, libraries or art galleries.
  • provide a channel for us to meet fellow members from other interest groups or from other U3A's, to work together on a common project.
  • can take any form, practical, intellectual or both, the main aim being that we should enjoy ourselves whilst associating with and perhaps being useful to other people.
  • can be started by any member at any time and so far have provided an incentive for our U3A to work with the Ulster, Folk and Transport and Somme Museums, the Centre for Migration Studies in Omagh and with at least five other U3As over the past ten years.

These booklets are the result of over a year's work involving two U3As, Newry and North Down and Ards, working with the staff of the Newry and Mourne Museum.  We aimed to produce an Educational Pack on Irish Tudor History telling the story (and its background) of the elopement of Mabel, youngest daughter of Queen Elizabeth's Military Commander in Ireland, Sir Nicholas Bagenal, with Hugh O'Donnell the Irish Chieftan.  The Museum is based in the renovated Bagenal's Castle, the tower house originally built in Newry by Sir Nicholas, as his home and headquarters.

We were delighted when the pack, with our permission, was officially adopted by the Museum and edited to their requirements, as an educational aid for use by children and teachers (or indeed other adults) visiting the Museum.  Our entry here comprises two parts, the first containing the adopted sections with accompanying work cards and the second covering material which, for some reason mainly because it did not fit into the period or age group to be covered, was not included in the official version.

We hope you enjoy it.

Joyce Gibson, Editor.

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